czwartek, 20 marca 2014

In foreign lotteries , such as the Euro Millions or Powerball , you can play on CLICK HERE 7 different ways. The player has a choice of 7 attractive packages :

Standard package
This very simple and extremely lucrative game option allows players to purchase lottery bets on all at once, on their chosen period of time : a week , a month , three months , six months and one year. And it's all one click of the mouse. As fate are purchased in large quantities , the player automatically receives a discount of up to 25%.

25% Off

package Super7
This package offers players participating in their chosen 7 lotteries and the same as in the Standard Package , bets can be played by them for a specific period of time. Prices in this package are also discounted .

package Big5
Big5 is one of the lottery packages containing the 5 most popular Lottery : Euromillions , EuroJackpot , SuperEnaLotto , Mega Millions and Powerball . Player so involved in all the 5 chosen by lottery by the time. This package offers a discount, depending on its size.

game System
Players can increase their chances of winning by adding three extra numbers to your plants , and the system will generate all possible combinations using numbers selected by the player lotto .

Quick Play
This option allows players to select a preferred lottery and play it for a limited time , by one click. The player has the choice of playing one plant in each lottery draw selected by the week or month .

It is otherwise an intelligent game that allows players to set the parameters of the game so that I never missed an important draw for them . System on their behalf will take part in the lottery , according to their chosen settings , for example in their preferred time, or when the jackpot reaches a certain size by them . To make this option enabled , the player must have funds in your account online .

For a small fee, players have the chance of multiplying their winnings 2, 3 or 4 times by selecting multipliers . It does not apply to winnings of I and II degree.